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Department Head Pendant (Brown)
Department Head Pendant (Brown) Department Head Pendant (Brown) Department Head Pendant (Brown) Department Head Pendant (Brown)

Department Head Pendant (Brown)

Brand: Zulu Nation Pendants
Product Code: Department-Head-Pin
Availability: In Stock
Price: $40.00

Note: This item is NOT for the general public, you must be a registered zulu nation member. When placing each order you must state your name and ID# as shown on your Membership ID. (ie) #70999

For Department Head Zulu Members Only

Wisdom Face Brown Pendant

Limited quanity available

Size: 1" inch

Material: Chromium Ultra High Polish
Resin Epola type
Military Clutch

How to wear

A traditional pendant is normally fastened on the left side of a dress jacket, but this can vary.

Members required to wear a Zulu Wisdom Face Member pendants, should follow organization guidelines.

According to Title 4, Chapter 1 of the official Universal Zulu Nation Code governing the flag, the pin should be worn on the left lapel just above your heart.




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